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Premium URL Shortener: How to Start own Business

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Premium URL Shortener is a PHP URL shortener script packed with many unique features. It has been built from scratch. Some of the features include geotargeting, premium membership, a powerful dashboard, an admin panel, and a series of CMS tools to help you build your dream. Despite all its advanced features, it is very easy to install and operate.

This is a complete solution for anyone who wants to start their own Premium Link Shortening Websites like, and many more. This is not just a WordPress plugin, it’s a complete application with a backend and frontend area securely separated.

Why should you start your own Premium URL Shortener

Premium URL shorteners are a great way to monetize your site. They have many features that make them excellent for this purpose and they generate some amount of revenue for you too.

When you install a premium URL shortener script on your site, you are the only one in charge. You are the one who decides how much each user will earn from each shortened link. You can also decide how many users will be able to view the stats at a time, whether links are displayed publicly or not, and how much money will be charged for each link.

It’s very easy to get started with a premium URL shortener script on your website as well. Simply go to the script’s website and follow their instructions. in the next part of this article, you will know how to get started with any premium URL shortener script.

What is required to start my own Premium URL Shortener?

The demand for URL shortening services has grown significantly in recent years.

There are many free URL shortening services available, but they all carry the risk of losing your data. The free options also don’t provide sufficient statistics.

This is where premium URL shorteners come in. To set up your own premium URL shortener, you will need:

1. A domain name of your choice

First, you need to decide which domain name works best for your premium URL shortener.

There are two ways to find the best domain name:

Use a domain name generator to generate a list of names based on keywords like TinyURL, bitly, etc. You can then use these keywords in your domain name as well. Once you have generated a list of names, you will want to check their availability using a tool like whois or Google’s Domain Availability Checker.

You can also use a tool like Nameboy’s Domain Generator to create a list of available domains that contain all the keywords you have in mind. This is especially useful if you have a small budget and don’t want to spend too much money on your domain registration.

when you decide on the domain name and ensure its availability you should buy it from the websites below :




2. VPS server with at least 1GB RAM

Well, first things first. You need a VPS server. When you want to publish a PHP website or script or any web application, we do what we call “web hosting” which simply means uploading the files and database into a public server so it can be accessible Online over the internet.

There are many providers in the market today such as OVH, Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud,contabo, and many more. These providers rent out their servers to you at monthly costs depending on your needs and customizations.

You will then point your domain name to your VPS server’s IP address so that when someone types “” in the browser, will be redirected to your IP Address.

Next is choosing a URL shortener script or searching for one developed for you. There are several scripts like MC URL Shortener, etc which you can buy from codecanyon

3. Premium URL Shortener Script

A Premium URL Shortener script is a PHP script that let you create your own URL shortener website in minutes. With the Premium URL Shortener script, you can monetize the links shared by your users

URL Shortener Script

or share a part of the revenue generated from ads shown on the shortened URLs.

You can get the Premium URL Shortener script from CodeCanyon. It costs around $45.00 but it includes more features than other scripts that cost hundreds of dollars. Plus, it has many customization options, so you can make your URL shortener look exactly how you want it to look. After you purchase the script, download it and unpack its contents on your computer.

Which URL Shortener Script should I use

Creating your own Premium URL Shortener with the best URL Shortener Script is an easy job, you can get it done in a few minutes. You just need to select the right script that is available in the market.

you have to choose the one which is best. A good URL shortener script should have features that allow you to track the number of clicks on each link and also monitor the traffic on your website. Some scripts also allow the monetization of links through which you can earn money by advertising on your site.

URL shortener scripts are becoming more and more popular with the growth of social media.

There are some open-source URL shortener scripts available for free, like YOURLS (Your Own URL Shortener) and Polar.

Both of these scripts require you to host the application yourself and use a domain that you already own. There is no monthly fee, but you are responsible for the hosting.

If you’re looking for a premium URL shortener script, then I would recommend Premium URL Shortener – Link Shortener, Bio Pages & QR Codes here on CodeCanyon.

Configuring the Script

so after getting the domain name, the VPS by Contabo, and the script PHP from codecanyon you are ready now to start the configuration of your script.

I preferred to write in detail the steps to set up a shortener website in a separate article to have the full information able you to build your business – read here: PHP Scripts: How To Install URL Shortener-(Full Guide)

How to earn money with a premium URL Shortener website?

There are 3 ways to earn money from your premium shortener website:

1- Paid membership: You can allow users to register on your website and pay you (using PayPal) for an account upgrade (e.g. no ads, statistics, API access, removed frames pages). You can decide the price yourself and set how long the membership will last (e.g. 1 month, 3 months…).

2- Google Adsense: You can insert google ads on your website and use the service you are providing to make money.

3- Banner Ads/Pop Ads: You can sell banner ad spots on your website or show Pop Ads when someone visits a shortened link on your website.

related article: SAAS Startup: How to Start on Budget- 4 steps

My SAAS Service – help you in your online business

This is a shortener service and has a free plan to start and support your online business.

you can find very useful solutions with a free plan to start , the best solutions are shortened links, QR Codes, and Bio profiles.


In conclusion, a Premium URL Shortener service is indeed a viable business. The launching of such services is relatively easy, as they can be provided using VPNs and shared proxies. The revenue is also quite high, so if you’re looking to build an income stream, building a premium URL shortener service would be the way to go.

in short, what you need to build a premium shortener service is as follows

1- A domain name of your premium shortener website

2- VPS server for hosting your website.

3- Premium URL Shortener Script

4- configure Premium URL Shortener Script

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