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PHP Scripts: How To Install URL Shortener-(Full Guide)

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This article provides PHP Scripts step by step installation guide for this premium URL shortener script. All you need to do is just follow the instructions below and your URL shortener script will be up and running within minutes on your web server.

PHP Scripts installation Requirements

  • Premium URL Shortener from
  • Hosting from Hostinger.
  • Domain Name
  • Connect Domain to Hosting
  • integrate PHP Script and run your Premium URL Shortener website.

Step 1: connect and point the domain name to hosting

  • connect to the hosting account and copy Hostinger nameservers
  • After that Login to the domain name provides like Godaddy in addition select Domain then DNS/Nameservers and change it to the hosting nameserver
  • above all , you should be waiting for almost 24 hours then the connection between the domain and hosting will be completed

Step 2: Download and Upload the PHP Scripts File to your hosting account

After purchasing the script, you will receive an email with a download link to the script

PHP Scripts download

Download the script and extract it on your computer. The downloaded file is a zip archive containing all PHP source code files and documentation for installing and configuring the script.

Upload the extracted files via FTP or upload the archive directly in your hosting control panel (usually in a section like “File Manager” or “Webdisk”), then extract it on the server.

File Manager Hostinger

go to the control panel in the hosting website – Hostinger then Select the file manager folder and then select Public _HTML Folder.

upload PHP Script to Public _HTML Folder then right-click on the file and extract it.

you can see the file, right-click, and after that extract it and then select, all extracted files and folders then move to Public _HTML Folder.

Step 3: Create a MySQL Database and Assign User

The third step is to create a MySQL database that can be used by our script. In order to do this, log in to your cPanel account and scroll down until you find the Databases section. Click on MySQL Database Wizard. Create a new database, write down its name, create a new user (with a strong password) and add it to the database. Make sure you assign all privileges! Upload the Premium URL Shortener Files

MySql Database

Step 4: Database Configuration

following all extracted files and folders are moved to Public _HTML Folder, After that, you should select your website link in addition, press enters to go to the page as in the image below.

Press the bottom “you can now proceed” as all the requirements are completed.

PHP Installation -you can now proceed

fill all the fields required for the installation of PHP Script as follows:

installation of premium URL Shortener

Database host: Localhost

Name of Database: you should obtain it from Step 3 when you created the MySQL Database

User: from step 3 when you assigned a user.

database password: you created it when you built MySQL Database in step 3.

After that, complete the admin fields as shown in the image below and then finish the installation.

Database has been successfully imported and configuration file has been created

Now the PHP Script installation is done and you can access your shortener URL website using the admin user and password to login to the admin dashboard.

PHP Scripts installation is completed

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Step 5- Final configuration after installation of PHP Scripts

If you are at this stage, it means that you successfully installed the Premium URL Shortener File to your hosting account. Now, we will show you how to do the final configuration.

Log in to your admin panel and click on Settings > General.

After that, Fill in the site name and other details. in addition You can also upload your site logo for the branding of your business.

Add custom CSS styles

You can easily change the layout of your website by adding custom CSS styles. This feature is located under Settings > Custom CSS.


In conclusion, There are a lot of advantages to using this URL shortener service. You can link it to multiple platforms and if you create Paid Memberships, you can restrict access using the IP Address protection. In addition to that, it is also one of the most affordable on the market and the interface is very easy to use compared to another similar script that I have tried.

Above all, now you can enjoy your premium URL shortener PHP script with an admin panel.

in addition, you can use the benefits of the premium URL shortener PHP script in your online business.

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